Traveler Guitar Ultra-Light Acoustic-Electric Travel Bass with Gig Bag

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Weighs 3 lbs 6.5 oz.
Comfortable 30″ scale
Only 33 3/4″ long

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Product Description

Presenting the Ultra-Light Bass from Traveler Guitar

The Ultra-Light Bass is Traveler Guitar’s lightest, most compact bass offering ever. Weighing just 3 pounds 6.5 ounces and measuring only 33 ¾” in length, this 30″-scale acoustic electric bass can go anywhere you need to take it. The Ultra-Light Bass features a custom piezo pickup so you’ll plug into your favorite amplifier, at the same time as the built-in thumb rest and removable lap-rest frame allow you to play in comfort, even in the tightest of spaces. High-quality gig bag included.

Profile view of the Ultra-Light travel bass.
The 3 ½ – pound Ultra-Light Bass.
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Back view of the Ultra-Light Bass.
Back view.

Detail of the built-in thumb rest.
Thumb rest makes playing comfortable.

Why the Ultra-Light Bass?

Traveler Guitar is committed to producing high-quality commute instruments and this bass is no exception. Featuring a fun & comfortable 30-inch scale neck with 22 medium frets, the bass measures only 33 ¾ long and weighs just 3 lbs. 6.5 oz., creating the optimum balance between playability and portability.

Key Features

The Ultra-Light Bass has a built-in thumb rest as well as a removable lap rest frame, which provides comfort all over play and portability for commute. Gig bag is included and fits in airline overhead compartments.

The Traveler Guitar Limited Warranty

Traveler Guitar instruments are warranted for three years to be free from defective materials and workmanship from the date of purchase. The guitar must be purchased from an authorized Traveler Guitar dealer. The Traveler Guitar Limited Three-Year Warranty covers all parts and includes 90 days for labor.

What’s in the Box

The Ultra-Light Bass comes with a top quality gig bag, lap rest, truss-rod wrench, user guide and warranty card.

Detail of the lap rest.
Lap rest detaches for greater portability.

Detail of the gig bag.
High-quality gig bag included.


Neck Through Body Eastern American Hard Maple
Fingerboard Ebonized Rosewood
Frets 22-Medium
Scale Length 30 in.
Fingerboard Inlays Vintage Clay Dot
Neck Width at Nut 1 3/4 in.
Body Width 5 1/4 in.(Lap Rest Detached)
Body Thickness 3/4 in.
Overall Depth 2 in.
Length 33 3/4 in.
Weight 3 lbs. 6.5 oz.
Pick-ups Shadow Under Saddle Piezo
Hardware Chrome 14:1 Gear ratio (closed gear)
Strings D’Addario EXL-165
Finish Natural Satin Finish


Q: Are special strings needed for the Ultra-Light Bass?
A: No, you’ll use conventional bass guitar strings. The Ultra-Light Bass comes equipped with D’Addario EXL 166 Bass Strings.

Q: Can I place a strap on my guitar?
A: Yes, each guitar comes with traditional strap pins.

Q: Does the guitar have a truss-rod?
A: Yes, the Ultra-Light Nylon has a fully adjustable truss rod, with easy access through the end cap.

Q: Like the Traveler Pro Series, does the Ultra-Light Bass have “Stethophones” or any personal listening device?
A: The Ultra-Light Bass was designed for compact size and light weight, so it does not have a built-in private listenting device. On the other hand, it does have an undersaddle piezo pickup and 1/4″ output jack for use with an external amplifier or headphone amp.

Q: Can the Ultra-Light plug into any of my amps?
A: Yes, the Ultra-Light Bass has a standard 1/4 inch output that is used for plugging into an amp.

Q: Are the body and neck a solid piece of wood?
A: Yes. The Ultra-Light Bass is made from one solid piece of Eastern American Hard Maple.

Q: What kinds of pick-ups are installed in the Ultra-Light Bass?
A: The Ultra-Light Bass comes with an under-saddle piezo by Shadow.

Q: Are there any removeable parts on the Ultra-Light Bass?
A: Yes, the Ultra-Light Bass has a removable lap-rest frame.

Q: Is the scale of the Ultra-Light like my regular bass?
A: With its 30″ scale, the Ultra-Light bass is technically a short-scale bass. We built it this way to make it more portable, but you must find it very easy to play and similar enough to your regular-scale 34″ bass that your practice translates well.

More about Traveler Guitar

Traveler Guitar.

Since 1992, Redlands, California-based Traveler Guitar has been the innovator in the design and marketing of electric and acoustic-electric commute guitars, offering all kinds of solutions for the traveling player.

Weighs 3 lbs 6.5 oz.
Comfortable 30″ scale
Only 33 3/4″ long
Shadow Piezo Pickup
Removeable lap give a boost to

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